RAINBOW village in TAICHUNG, TAIWAN: travel guide + exactly how to get There

Throughout history, art has proven itself as a powerful tool to reveal personal thoughts as well as feelings. It has likewise ended up being an efficient platform to motivate discourse on social problems as well as difficulty the existing norms. This is a lot of obvious in street art.

In Taichung City, there’s a popular street art attraction that was conceived by a professional soldier, Huang Yung-Fu. The Rainbow village in Nantun district is a former settlement for professionals who served during the Chinese Civil War. To save it from being demolished as well as replaced with contemporary structures, Mr. Huang started painting the staying structures.

After university professors as well as their trainees found Grandpa Huang as well as his artworks, the proposal to protect the Rainbow village as a cultural possession was lastly settled, saving it from demolition. as well as before they understood it, it has ended up being a mainstream vacationer area that is checked out by travelers from all around the world!

For first-time visitors, right here are a few of the things you may want to understand before you go.

O que está coberto neste guia?

What are the operating hours of Rainbow Village?
How much is the admission ticket?
When is the very best time to go?
How to get to Rainbow Village?From TRA Taichung Station
From TRA Xinwuri Station

What are the points of rate of interest at Rainbow Village?
Existe um restaurante ou local de comida próxima?
Where can I get in touch with the administration for additionally inquiries?
Other Rainbow village Tips
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What are the operating hours of Rainbow Village?

Although an open-space exhibit, the Rainbow Village’s office or the story space area is open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

How much is the admission ticket?

The entrance to the Rainbow village is FREE!

You can take pictures of yourself as well as your companions against the vibrant as well as eye-popping backdrop without costs a dime. considering that it’s a bit far from the city center, make the most of your visit!

When is the very best time to go?

The area is small, so it can get a bit congested particularly on holidays as well as weekends.

If you’re checking out for a picture op, early morning or late afternoon is the very best time since of the lighting. Noontime light is rather extreme as well as not truly great for photos.

How to get to Rainbow Village?

From downtown Taichung, the travel time to Rainbow village is 45 minutes to an hour, depending upon the web traffic condition as well as the mode of transportation.

From TRA Taichung Station

From TRA Taichung Station, take Bus 27 or 89 to Ling Tung University. The fare is NT$ 12.

Alight at the Ling Tung university bus stop.

From the bus stop, you can reach the Rainbow village in about 10 minutes on foot.

From TRA Xinwuri Station

From TRA Xinwuri Station, take Bus 56 to Rainbow village bus stop. The fare is NT$ 12-15.

Alight at Rainbow village bus stop.

Follow the pathway to the entrance as well as walk past the children’s playground.

Note: Bus 56 buses have 30-minute interval, so if you missed the previous bus, you may have to wait around 30 minutes for the next bus.

What are the points of rate of interest at Rainbow Village?

Artworks. The whole complex is snap-worthy. The walls as well as complex grounds are made lively by the artist’s carefree brushstrokes as well as cheery artworks. Take pictures with your companions with Rainbow Grandpa’s masterpieces as your backdrop.

Lojas de Lembrancinhas. even the souvenir shops are fun as well as lively! The stores offer products as well as products that mirror Rainbow Grandpa’s masterpieces. There are printed shirts, umbrella, passport wallets, magnets, hats, bags, mugs, postcards, as well as lots of more! The smaller shop is called Hongfu, while the bigger open-air shop is called Art color primary Shop. The latter is where you will see Rainbow Grandpa in flesh. chat with him, take pictures with him, or both.

Story Room. If you want to discover a lot more about the background as well as history of Rainbow village as well as the artist, the story space will tell you exactly how everything started.

Thunder Egg. This store offers tea eggs called “thunder eggs”. The eggs are boiled in tea (oolong, black tea, etc.) with their shells still intact. Tea eggs are rather prominent in Taiwan. The store likewise uses rainbow popsicles, plum popsicles, as well as ice cream. The store is found next to the Art color primary Shop.

Fun Bar. This store generally offers drinks/beverages. It has bubble tea, coffee, marbled soda, as well as more! The store is found just before the exit back to the children’s playground area.

Existe um restaurante ou local de comida próxima?

YES, however we weren’t able to try them.

There are two closLocais de alimentos eletrônicos ao longo da Lingdong South Road, onde a parada de ônibus do Rainbow Village também está localizada. Estes são Hong Ya Hamburger, assim como os homens Mao.

Onde posso entrar em contato com a administração para consultas adicionais?

Endereço: Lane 56, Chun’an Road, distrito de Nantun, cidade de Taichung, Taiwan

Linha fixo: 04-2380-2351

Número do celular: 0920-162888 / 0912-076787

E -mail: Rainbow194992@gmail.com

Site oficial: www.1949rainbow.com.tw

Outras dicas da vila do arco -íris

Evite usar tops com impressões ou gráficos agitados. Use camisas brilhantes comuns, para que você apareça no pano de fundo e seu conjunto não combate os padrões de obra. Observe que a cor dominante é vermelha. Certifique -se de estar usando roupas confortáveis ​​e calçados.

Traga segurança do sol ou aplique loção ou creme de filtro solar.

Esteja atento a outras pessoas. Tanto quanto possível, não tire muito tempo tirando fotos. Deixe os outros ter prazer na área também.

Peça aos seus telefones celulares cheios ou trazem um banco de energia.

Traga seu próprio recipiente de água recarregável para se manter hidratado.

The restroom is found behind the children’s playground as well as near the auto parking area.

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